Our 7 exceptional Oceanscape villas are crafted for those who seek the most of elegance and comfort. Each villa is a testimonial to a luxury lifestyle.

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Designed by the renowned architect Walter F. Wagner and his studio Habitat5, our contemporary villas seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with Bali’s natural beauty. The use of premium, long-lasting materials ensures these villas will stand the test of time, while our construction process guarantees suitability for Bali’s unique tropical conditions.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our design philosophy. With a strong emphasis on water solutions, Oceanscape villas boast innovative features, showcasing our dedication to responsible living without compromising on luxury.

Behind the Oceanscape project is a local contractor with a sterling reputation, backed by a portfolio of successfully completed villas. Their expertise ensures that every detail is executed flawlessly, bringing to life the architecture envisioned by Habitat5.

Discover a world where contemporary design meets sustainable living – the perfect fusion of luxury, innovation, and natural harmony. Welcome to your new investment in Bali’s paradise.

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Save up to 30 %


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